Hakata Minami-sen (JR West)    博多南線

This line is operated by JR West Japan, using trains coming into Hakata station (in the city of Fukuoka) from Ôsaka and Tôkyô via the Sanyô Shinkansen. The line to Hakata South is actually the continuation of the Sanyô Shinkansen into the train depot 9, 2 km south of Hakata. It was opened in 1975, and in 1990 a passenger platform was built alongside the yard (8, 5 km from Hakata). Revenue earning trains were introduced, running as suburban services from Hakata. Usually the trains from the passenger platform work to and from Ôsaka, but are not indicated as such.

The line is built to 1435 mm gauge and is electrified with AC 25 kV / 60 Hz. Since the opening of the Kyûshû Shinkansen the Hakata Minami-sen shares its track for 8, 2 km, and then branches off down to the Hakata Minami platform, which can accommodate 8-car trains. Much of the day, it is reached by 1 train per hour, with a few more during rush hours.

The yard at Hakata Minami, which is not accessible for passengers, is filled with JR West Japan and JR Tôkai Shinkansen trains coming in from or being prepared for services to Ôsaka and Tôkyô.

On the way from Hakata station to Hakata Minami. (2016)

A JR West 8-car Shinkansen type 500 in the yard at Hakata Minami. (2016)

In a class 500 JR West Shinkansen (no 526-7004) from Hakata station to Hakata Minami. (2016)

Hakata Minami station with a JR West Shinkansen train type 500 waiting at the platform. To the left are a JR West type 700, and two JR Tôkai trains, a class N700a and a class N700A. (2016)

JR West and JR Tôkai Shinkansen trains at Hakata Minami. (2016)