Tôkyô Metro

including Tôyô Kôsoku Tetsudô  and  Saitama Kôsoku Tetsudô

Attention: The Tokyo Underground Railway system is operated by two different companies and has, accordingly, two separate ticketing systems. The two operators are:

- The Tokyo Metro Company

- Tokyo Metropolitan Government operated underground railway lines (To’ei Chikatetsu, 都営地下鉄)

For details about how to use the underground railway system and the possibilities of transferring from one line to another see the official maps of the Tokyo Subway or Tokyo Metro Subway.


In the following maps the major stops of each line are indicated by circles; details are given under the separate lines.

Tôkyô Metro east of the Arakawa river, including Tôyô Kôsoku Tetsudô and Saitama Kôsoku Tetsudô:

Ginza-sen - 1435 mm gauge, third rail current collection  (Shibuya - Asakusa)

Marunouchi-sen - 1435 mm gauge, third rail current collection  (Ikebukuro - Ogikubo / Hônanchô)

Hibiya-sen - 1067 mm gauge  (Kita Senju - Naka Meguro)

Tôzai-sen - 1067 mm gauge  (Nakano - Nishi Funabashi)

Chiyoda-sen - 1067 mm gauge (Yoyogi Uehara - Ayase / Kita Ayase)

Yûrakuchô-sen - 1067 mm gauge  (Wakô-shi - Shin Kiba)

Hanzômon-sen - 1067 mm gauge  (Shibuya - Oshiage)

Namboku-sen - 1067 mm gauge  (Meguro - Akabane Iwabuchi)

Fuku Toshin-sen - 1067 mm gauge  (Wakô-shi - Shibuya)

Tôyô Kôsoku Tetsudô  (Nishi Funabashi- Tôyô Katsutadai)

Saitama Kôsoku Tetsudô  (Akabane Iwabuchi - Urawa Misono)