Karatsu-sen 唐津線

Karatsu-sen: This line connects the city of Saga in the Tsukushi Plain on the south side of Saga Prefecture with the port city of Karatsu on the north side, crossing the mountain range between Taku and Kyûragi. The ancient castle town of Karatsu is situated on the estuary facing the Korean peninsula. The line was built between 1898 and 1903 and is diesel operated today. Trains start at Saga and enter the Karatsu-sen 6, 4 km further to the west; Taku lies 15, 2 km up the line, and Kyûragi 20, 8 km. The city of Karatsu is reached after 40, 3 km. From here trains join the electrified Chikuhi-sen from Fukuoka for the remaining 2, 2 km to Nishi Karatsu (West Karatsu). Today all trains are local stopping trains with a service roughly every hour.

Diesel car class 125 no.7 in Nishi Karatsu. (2013)

Entering the valley of the Matsuura River south of Karatsu, diesel car KIHA 125-6 waits at Onizuka. At this point the Karatsu-sen and the Imari-sen still share the same line. (2019)

A 4-car train at Yamamoto junction, where the Karatsu-sen and the Imari-sen connect. The last two cars are KIHA 47 1510 and KIHA 47 134. (1999)

A Karatsu-sen train from Saga enters Yamamoto station. KIHA 125-8 leads KIHA 47 128 and KIHA 47 136. (2019)

At Iwaya, on the descent towards Yamamoto and Karatsu. (2013)

From the train near Kyûragi. (1999)

On the descent from the summit tunnel towards Kyûragi, almost at the same spot as the picture above. (2013)

A local train headed by diesel car class 47 no. 9126 entering Kyûragi, on the descent from the summit tunnel towards Yamamoto and Karatsu. (2016)

Diesel car class 125 no.7 passes a cemetery between Taku und Kyûragi. (2013)

Diesel car KIHA 47 8062 at Taku. Behind the station the villagers are constructing a shrine cart for the village festival. (2013)

Taku station, with KIHA 125-2. Behind the station, construction of the shrine cart for the festival continues. (2013)

Diesel car class 47 no. 136 in Taku station. (2013)

Near Taku, looking towards the mountain range the line needs to cross on its way to Karatsu. (2013)

Passing a village shrine near Ogi, north of Saga. (2013)

On the Nagasaki Honsen KIHA 125-7 on its way to Saga crosses the Kisegawa River west of Saga, just after coming off the Karatsu-sen. (2013)