Misumi-sen  三角線

This diesel worked branch off the Kagoshima main line is 25, 6 km long and runs from Uto (south of Kumamoto) onto the Uto Peninsula to its southwestern tip at Misumi. At first trains follow the northern coast of Uto Peninsula and then cross the pass over to the southern coast and to Misumi. All trains run to and from the city of Kumamoto, 10, 9 km up the line from Uto.

The Misumi-sen was opened in 1899 and used to be part of the access to the Amakusa islands, a major archipelago off the west coast of Kyûshû (around 1000 km², 126'000 inhabitants). However, since the opening of the five impressive road bridges linking Amakusa to Kyûshû mainland and the introduction of direct express bus services the Misumi-sen has lost its importance. In addition, Amakusa Airport gives much faster access to the islands than the railway line.

Local trains over the Misumi-sen run roughly every hour, with three express services on certain days.

Misumi-sen trains start and end at Kumamoto, a little over 10 km from where they branch off to Misumi. In the morning early a Misumi-sen train formed of KIHA 31-9 and KIHA 31-6 waits at Kumamoto station. Behind it is a local train of the Kagoshima Honsen, formed of class 817 cars. (2018)

A Misumi-sen train at the new Kumamoto station. It is formed of KIHA 47 3509 + KIHA 47 4510. (2018)

Over a longer distance the train follows the coastline and the coastal road. Here after the halt at Sumiyoshi. (2013)

Between Sumiyoshi and Higo Nagahama. (2013)

Entering the village of Ôda (網田). (2013)

At the pretty station of Ôda (網田) KIHA 31-16 and KIHA 40 8102 on their way to Misumi wait for a crossing train. (2013)

Diesel cars class 40 (no. 8126) and class 31 (no. 17) on a Misumi-sen train from Misumi to Kumamoto. At Ôda (網田). (2013)

Having arrived at the entrance to the summit tunnel at Akase the train is drenched in a downpour. (2013)

On a Misumi-sen train on the south side of Uto Peninsula near Hatamura close to the terminal at Misumi. (2013)

KIHA 31 no.16 standing at Misumi endstop. (2013)

On a Misumi-sen train descending from the summit tunnel to the north coast of Uto Peninsula on its way back to Uto and Kumamoto. (2013)

On the descent from Akase to Ôda. (2013)

Along the sea between Higo Nagahama and Sumiyoshi. (2013)

Diesel car class 31, no.14 at Sumiyoshi on a stormy day typical for the west coast of Kyûshû. (2013)

Approaching Uto and the Kagoshima Honsen. (2013)

The Misumi-sen train, formed of KIHA 31-16 + KIHA 40 8102, arrives back at the old Kumamoto station. (2013)