Miyazaki Kûkô-sen (Miyazaki Airport Line)  宮崎空港線

Opened in 1996, electric traction (20 kV / 60 Hz). This line can be considered to be section from Miyazaki town to Minami Miyazaki (Miyazaki South) over the Nippô Honsen (2, 6 km), then the section from Minami Miyazaki to Tayoshi over the Nichinan-sen (2, 0 km), and finally the Airport Line proper (1, 4 km). There is roughly one intercity express to and from the airport per hour, basically to and from Ôita; one comes from Kokura. Hakata station in Fukuoka is connected to Miyazaki Airport (via Kokura) once in the down direction and twice in the up direction. Local trains mostly reach the airport twice per hour, one of these operates to and from Nobeoka. 

Miyazaki airport seen from a Nichinan line train. The elevated rail access to the airport can be seen on the right. (2018)

A local train (class 713, no. 4) at Miyazaki Airport. (2013)

A class 783 intercity express at Miyazaki Airport. (2013)

A class 787 has arrived at Miyazaki Airport. (2013)

Miyazaki Airport station with a class 787 train (leading coach KUROHA 786-1). (2013)