Narita-sen (Abiko-Narita)

The Narita-sen can be thought of as the connection between Abiko and Chôshi via the town of Narita. One station before Chôshi (at Matsugishi) the line converges with the Sôbu Honsen.

The operation of trains is in two sections, Abiko to Narita, and Narita to Chôshi. In addition there was a branch line connecting Narita with Sakura on the Sôbu Honsen.

With the opening of the line to the International Airport Narita in 1991 both rapid and semi-rapid services linking Tôkyô (Low Level station) with the airport were introduced. These trains run via the Sôbu Honsen to Sakura and then on via Narita town to the International Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 1.

Here the section Sakura - Narita (town) - Narita International Airport is treated on a separate page.