A major part of this line was destroyed in the Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Through working was restored on May 30, 2015, when a new section was completed across the hills between Rikuzen Ono and Rikuzen Ôtsuka.

At the same time (May 30, 2015) an new connection was established, linking Senseki-sen trains coming from Ishinomaki to the Tôhoku Honsen. Trains switch from one line to the other near Takagimachi. As Senseki-sen trains are DC and Tôhoku Honsen trains AC, Hybrid diesel sets (class HB-E210) are used for these services, called the Senseki Tôhoku Line. By using the Tôhoku Honsen they provide a much faster service to and from Sendai than the Senseki-sen trains between Takagimachi and Sendai (Aobadôri station).   >> See Senseki Tôhoku Line.