Kikonai – Hakodate (today: Dônan Isaribi Tetsudô )

The Kikonai to Hakodate line (actually Hakodate Goryôkaku) used to be part of the Esashi-sen, Goryôkaku - Kikonai - Esashi (79, 9 km long). From Kikonai there was also the branch to Matsumae (Matsumae-sen), closed on February 1, 1988. When the Hokkaidô Shinkansen was opened to Shin Hakodate Hokuto (March 26, 2016) it was no longer possible to take the Esashi-sen into Kikonai station. Therefore the Esashi-sen from Esashi to Kikonai closed on May 12, 2014. The rest of the line from Kikonai to Goryôkaku (and on JR to Hakodate) was taken over by the third-sector Dônan Isaribi Tetsudou (or "South Hokkaido Railway") on March 26, 2016. This section is electrified for through trains from the main island of Honshû via the Seikan Tunnel, though the Dônan Isaribi Tetsudô itself has only diesel cars.

In the page presenting the Esashi-sen only the now closed line from Kikonai to Esashi is covered.